Did You Know? Every year, 1 in 3 mobile phone owners lose their device. Such is the problem of losing our phones that over half of 16-35 year olds admit having lost theirs at least once.

Surprisingly, your company may not only be able to help solve this problem, but also raise its brand equity while doing so.

Intrigued? Please read on.

Nowadays our phones are:

    • The new bank
    • The new car key
    • The new credit card
    • The new health monitor

As a phone becomes an extension of personal and professional lives, anyone is likely to be receptive to a gift which helps protect it.


Introducing the TagMyPhone app, an exclusive product which gives people the peace of mind that, if phone is lost, it may be returned quickly and safely.

Think about a great gift which ‘keeps on giving’……

What is TagMyPhone App?

The TagMyPhone is a unique App based service which enables smartphone users to place a secure recovery message directly on their lock screen. If the phone is lost, the message instructs the finder on how to easily and anonymously return the phone to its owner using the TagMyPhone.com site or app, anywhere in the world.

TagMyPhone App is easy & quick to download from Google Play (Android Phones) & App Store (Apple Phones). The App works 100% anonymously and is therefore safe for both the owner and the finder. Also, it doesn’t rely on location tracking services being finder-initiated.

It also comes with a small logo of your company on the lock screen, enabling you to spread your brand using the most visible medium ever imagined

How to Set UP TagMyPhone App?

Setting up is as easy as 1-2-3, just download the app from the App Store or Google Play and just follow the steps.

Why use TagMyPhone?

  • Must – have loss protection technology for smartphones
  • Anonymously connects owners and finders of lost devices
  • Works globally without Wi-Fi, data or network coverage

Today’s phones are both encrypted and locked, making their resale value worthless for the finder. TagMyPhone is the world’s only service to enable the return of the lost device to its owner at one click.

What are the Corporate Benefits?

  • Differentiate your brand via socially responsible innovation
  • Achieve ‘Top-of-Mind’ by living on the lock screen of your customers and/or employees
  • Turn your customers and/or employees into brand ambassadors
  • Low price point / fast implementation
  •  No production or shipping delays.
  • Turnaround time in five business days!


We look at our phone 160x a day.


Now imagine your brand on it.


Police-Certified Promotional Product

sbdThe Technology powering TagMyPhone carries an official certification by the UK Metropolitan Police to reunite you with your missing device while protecting your identity.