Jasani LLC

Jasani LLC was established in year 2004 at Dubai U.A.E. with 3 employees and then was followed by a focused, strategized growth which resulted in us growing from then to about the strength of 90+ headcount at present and continuing with the same vigor. Jasani is a part of Select Group which was established in 1989.

We have a huge range of gifts and giveaways in ready stocks. We are the prime stockist with widest distributor base in Middle East & Africa. We also have factories for production of garments, leather gifts and bags.

We have a team of like-minded executives with an astonishing endowed ingenious skill, who work towards common goal of the organization. Our team believes in driving the organization towards profitable growth, embracing quality service standards, culture and corporate values.

Our valued customers include corporate gifts distributors, advertising agencies, corporates’ & retail distributors. We have enviable regional offline and online catalogues with advanced tools.


  • More than 1,600 SKUs of gift items in ready stock.
  • World’s top brands available in ready stock.
  • Electronic form of catalog to facilitate our distant customers.
  • Multiple ways of booking of orders for customer’s convenience – through mails; through walk-ins at our showroom; through phone calls.
  • Loyalty/Incentives Rewards Solution & Services


  • To retain our position as regional Gifts Powerhouse.
  • To develop premium, integrated products and services that deliver extraordinary value to our clients with regard to usability and functionality.
  • To exceed client expectations for customer service and superior products.
  • To create an atmosphere that recognizes exemplary performance with superior rewards.
  • To create seamless & enjoyable GIFTS selections experience for the customers, hand-holding them through the process, addressing their concerns, finally building a long term business relationship.
  • To provide gifts that have good recall value being received; for quality, creativity, uniqueness thus being appreciated by the loyal customers.
  • To be the #1 Loyalty Rewards provider in Middle East & Africa


  • 1600+ items in ready stock
  • 23,000 sq. feet of warehousing space
  • Impeccable customer service
  • 2 hours response time to an enquiry of ready stocks
  • Well trained and friendly staff
  • Unique quality products
  • Transparency, Integrity & Honesty
  • Endeavoring to deliver goods @ your doorstep
  • Solution for all your Gifting requirements under one roof

The only company in the Middle East with these credentials!



Every year, millions of valuable items are lost with little chance of ever being recovered by their owners.

Keyfetch connects owners and finders of lost valuables directly in the quickest, safest and most efficient way possible. 85% recovery rates through this unique online retrieval system and also designed to protect registered users’ personal details at all times. There is simply no easier way to get your lost valuables back!


We strongly believe in the power of altruism. People are good and want to do good, and it can be as simple as returning someone’s lost valuables. Keyfetch provides the mechanism through which this act of altruism can happen quickly and safely, all around the world.

Social Responsibility at a click!!!




Customised Branded Gift Pack with 3 Key Tags & 3 Stickers

You can customize the text & branding on the User Manual, Key Tag & Stickers.


User Manual – Front Side


User Manual – Inner Side


User Manual with 3 Key Tags & 3 Stickers


Key Tag – Front Side & Key Tag – Back Side



Customised Branded Round Metal Key Tag

Customised branding on the front side with Keyfetch Unique ID on the back side.


Front Side & Back Side

Customised Branded Key Chain

Customised branding on the front side with Keyfetch Unique ID on the back side.


Front Side & Back Side


  • Simple, Safe and Reliable
  • Directly and anonymously connects owners and finders of lost items
  • 100% anonymous patented messaging system
  • Up to 85% recovery rates
  • Private label offering designed to put your logo on your valuable items
  • Keyfetch.com is mobile friendly


  • Promote your brand by putting your logo on millions of your consumers’ everyday belongings, visible 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • New branding medium with outstanding reach and unexpected economic benefits.
  • As a promotional item, Keyfetch can be used as a part of customer acquisition/satisfaction/retention strategies or employee gift.
  • Be part of solving a real life problem with a unique Police-endorsed solution.
  • Nurture your socially responsible corporate image.

Police-Certified Promotional Product


Keyfetch is the only service of its kind to have received an official accreditation from the UK Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) as part of the Secured by Design nationwide initiative.

Panel Quotes:

“Your product works”
“It is good for society”
“It is safe to use”


Did You Know? Every year, 1 in 3 mobile phone owners lose their device. Such is the problem of losing our phones that over half of 16-35 year olds admit having lost theirs at least once.

Surprisingly, your company may not only be able to help solve this problem, but also raise its brand equity while doing so.

Intrigued? Please read on.

Nowadays our phones are:

    • The new bank
    • The new car key
    • The new credit card
    • The new health monitor

As a phone becomes an extension of personal and professional lives, anyone is likely to be receptive to a gift which helps protect it.


Introducing the TagMyPhone app, an exclusive product which gives people the peace of mind that, if phone is lost, it may be returned quickly and safely.

Think about a great gift which ‘keeps on giving’……

What is TagMyPhone App?

The TagMyPhone is a unique App based service which enables smartphone users to place a secure recovery message directly on their lock screen. If the phone is lost, the message instructs the finder on how to easily and anonymously return the phone to its owner using the TagMyPhone.com site or app, anywhere in the world.

TagMyPhone App is easy & quick to download from Google Play (Android Phones) & App Store (Apple Phones). The App works 100% anonymously and is therefore safe for both the owner and the finder. Also, it doesn’t rely on location tracking services being finder-initiated.

It also comes with a small logo of your company on the lock screen, enabling you to spread your brand using the most visible medium ever imagined

How to Set UP TagMyPhone App?

Setting up is as easy as 1-2-3, just download the app from the App Store or Google Play and just follow the steps.

Why use TagMyPhone?

  • Must – have loss protection technology for smartphones
  • Anonymously connects owners and finders of lost devices
  • Works globally without Wi-Fi, data or network coverage

Today’s phones are both encrypted and locked, making their resale value worthless for the finder. TagMyPhone is the world’s only service to enable the return of the lost device to its owner at one click.

What are the Corporate Benefits?

  • Differentiate your brand via socially responsible innovation
  • Achieve ‘Top-of-Mind’ by living on the lock screen of your customers and/or employees
  • Turn your customers and/or employees into brand ambassadors
  • Low price point / fast implementation
  •  No production or shipping delays.
  • Turnaround time in five business days!


We look at our phone 160x a day.


Now imagine your brand on it.


Police-Certified Promotional Product

sbdThe Technology powering TagMyPhone carries an official certification by the UK Metropolitan Police to reunite you with your missing device while protecting your identity.

Loyalty Rewards


Understanding the relevance of the Gifting business to Loyalty Rewards, Jasani also offers Loyalty/Incentive Rewards Solutions to Retails, Frequent Flier Program, & Hospitality industry.

Jasani Gift & Promotional Solutions provides customized loyalty/Incentive Rewards solutions helping our clients to understand their customer perceptions & redemption behavior better. Hence increasing profitability and maximizing their ROI. We help companies appreciate loyal customers & employees who do great work. Our vision is to be the leading one-stop loyalty rewards provider in the MEA Region

We know what motivates loyalty and we offer expertise required to create greater engagement with customers and more loyal, profitable relationships with your brand.

Incorporated by an experienced and versatile team of professionals with extensive knowledge, we boast of best in breed understanding of loyalty management, operations and financials with an exclusive focus on customer Rewards Management & Fulfillment.

We truly take Rewards solutions as core to our Client’s needs! Our expertise:

• Consultation
• Loyalty /Incentive Rewards Management
• CMS Management
• Logistics


icon-consultWhether its creating Rewards catalogue, understanding redemption trends, white label solution, Rewards Fulfillment, after sales management, customer service management, crafting exclusive benefits, or program design. Our acquired skills and capabilities cater for this. Thanks to our cutting edge technology & wide range of product catalogue our clients can choose from varying types of programs, using both traditional and non-traditional applications to administer programs.

The options are tailor made for your needs, to create richly textured, deeply resonating consumer brand experiences that will engage the customer for years to come.

Loyalty /Incentive Rewards Management

icon-loyaltyIf you’re looking for “stickiness” we can help you add value to your customers’ lives by helping them do the things they’re already doing. Imagine your customers saving on the merchandise they want from the brands they love or getting deals around town as they complete their to-do lists. What if they could feel the anticipation of booking the latest Apple product or products with personalized messages for their loved ones, the thrill of winning an auction or sweepstakes? By becoming an integral part of their daily lives, you’ll receive a level of loyalty that’s—simply put—unimaginable.

We make rewards experience seamless & personalized, so that members are encouraged to be loyal & active hence increasing footfall.

We manage all your Reward management needs with a single trigger that allows you to relax & concentrate on increasing your ROI,

CMS management:

icon-cmsCustom Built For You!

Whether your customer base consists of thousands or millions with multiple segments, we have your solution. Our technology platform is highly customizable, scalable and reactive. Select the modules you need or let us create new ones for you. With our IT experience, our developers are ready for any challenge. Our platform puts all the facets of a loyalty program under one roof, providing your customers a unique value proposition found nowhere else. Our engagement framework contains a wide selection of compelling modules that are sure to keep your customers coming back for more.

• Branded website
• Daily Deals
• Local Offers
• Auctions
• Mobile
• Personalized rewards printing


icon-logisticsDelivering the Best Experience

Being the biggest stockiest for personalized Gifts in the Middle East & Africa with over 23,000 sq.ft of warehouse facility, our Fast, accurate merchandise fulfillment is an essential element of a successful loyalty and incentive program. Our fulfillment team handles orders from purchase to delivery and everything in between. Whether inventoried, drop shipped or digitally delivered, we provide the best redemption experience for your customers, resulting in positive interactions with your brand.

Full-Service Fulfillment
From payment processing to delivery confirmation, we’ve integrated all the moving parts of the fulfillment process within our platform. Speed and quality are the keys to customer satisfaction and they are at the core of our operations. Shipments are processed within two business days so your customers’ orders are delivered timely and without flaw.

• Order and payment processing
• With over 23,000 sq.ft of high tech Warehouse facility
• Custom package inserts
• Order tracking
• Within four business days shipping
• Drop ship management
• Shipping to all over UAE & GCC
• Personalized gift messaging & printing

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Merchandise returns are one of the more sensitive elements for any company that fulfills and ships merchandise. Not only do we know how to manage them, we work to avoid them with reverse logistics management. Our no-hassle return policy, coupled with our Best Price Guarantee, establishes customer confidence and trust that increases loyalty.

• Best Price Guarantee
• No-hassle return policy
• Reverse Logistics Executive Council
• Returns processing
• Return payment processing

For any queries please contact loyalty@jasani.ae


International Promotions, Premiums and Gifts

The IPPAG Cooperative is made up of over 20 market leading promotional item wholesalers and distributors spread across the world. Its’ Mission is to facilitate its member’s common desire to share and grow together within the promotional items industry and gain in expertise, excellency and efficiency through shared projects, resources and initiatives.

IPPAG is headquartered in Switzerland and is run by a Board, made up of members who are elected for two years and dedicate their time and experience to the group. The current Chairman is Mr. Thibaut Fontaine of mcs K&R in Belgium along with Board Members Mr. Tomas Kaderka, Mr. Andy Duckbusry and Mr. Biren Jasani plus Chief Financial Officer Mr. Greg Banks.

IPPAG Cooperative

Jasani LLC is a regional member of IPPAG. Read more at http://www.ippag.net

IPPAG Global Promotions

Jasani LLC is a regional service provider of IPPAG Global Promotions. Read more at http://ippag-global-promotions.com

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